Patient L.

I want to express my great gratitude to my attending physician, gastroenterologist Svetlana Vladimirovna Zaitseva.
Now she sees not only me, but also my family.
Svetlana Vladimirovna is a professional in her field and a very qualified specialist. There is always a kind, sensitive, respectful attitude at the reception. The doctor is always ready to answer any question and clearly justifies all appointments.
Thanks to her, my disease is now under control, in remission. And it is very joyful to realize this.  

One of the most widely read books contains important words: "Do not refuse to do good to those who need it If you can help them."

I wish the whole MCSC Loginov team a good mood.
Always remember that your efforts for the benefit of patients do not go unnoticed!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD