Patient R.

I express my great human gratitude to Inna Solovyova, head of the endocrinology department of the MCSC branch (Pavlova St.), for her highly qualified medical care in treatment and conscientious attitude to patients and in connection with the upcoming professional Day of the medical worker, and also dedicate a few lines of poetry to her. Honor and respect to the wonderful doctor! In the Center of Medicine there is Inna Solovyova, she is a jack of all trades in endocrine affairs, she is always sensitive to people, treats according to science. He will notice and check everything, and the ailments will pass as if we had no devastation. Our body has recovered, it works perfectly, we believe in its medical power infinitely. Good Doctor Inna is the pride of the Center, she is devoted to her profession, because people's lives are priceless. She knows how to heal, and to be so modest, so continue to treat people with restless energy. We wish you to be better, even smarter and be a professor faster, keep authority among friends, be more necessary for patients! If you have a goal, then go - success in life is ahead! May fate save you and never offend you.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD