Patient M.

Many thanks to Elena Anatolyevna Sabelnikova! The doctor who saved my life! Before I got to Elena Anatolyevna's consultation in March 2022, I went a long way to fight IBS, the weight was already critically small (42 kg), not to mention the emotional state, I did not believe that I would live to the end of this year. I followed all the recommendations of the specialists I visited, but nothing helped me, all the doctors threw up their hands. Elena Anatolyevna has the most genuine humanity, from the first consultation she took my condition seriously and with understanding. Patients with IBS will understand me, we so need to be believed and believed in! Elena Anatolyevna sent me to the hospital for examination, after which I received recommendations on lifestyle, nutrition, and medications. I'm LIVING a full life again, thanks to you, Elena Anatolyevna!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD