PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient B.

Congratulations from the bottom of my heart on the Day of the Medical Worker of the wonderful surgeon doctor of the Department of high-tech surgery and surgical endoscopy Baychorov Magomet Enverovich! I express my deepest gratitude for his sensitivity, kindness and high professionalism. This is a doctor with a capital letter B, a great worker and a caring person. I wish him happiness, health and success in everything! A low bow for his high professionalism, sensitivity, kindness and assistance to disabled Demidkina Irina Nikolaevna! For more than a year we were chased by doctors and tests and could not even diagnose, and the person was steadily fading away. And only Magomet Enverovich diagnosed and prescribed treatment, performed the necessary operations. If all doctors were like that, then there would be no patients. Happy holidays to Dr. Baichorov and his team! 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD