Patient P.

I would like to express my great gratitude and appreciation to the staff of the center, first of all Elena Anatolyevna Sabelnikova, for her attentive, thoughtful attitude to my long-standing problem, to my attending physician Dbar Sariya Romanovna for kind, sensitive attitude and professionalism, to all the nurses, the service staff, the entire team of the department of non-inflammatory bowel pathology! In my hometown, I have been unsuccessfully trying to establish the cause of my suffering and recover for more than 10 years. And when, having passed all the gastroenterologists and not only, I was finally sent to Moscow, I didn't really believe in success. Celiac disease, fructose intolerance, NCGG, chronic colitis, IBS and a bunch of other diagnoses?! My life has turned into torture, who in the topic will understand me.. Dr. Sabelnikova E.A. sent me for examination in the department.The NPC, where I was examined in detail for a week, prescribed treatment on an outpatient basis, and not immediately, but I revived! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays to you, happy Medical Worker's Day! I wish you all health, success and prosperity! Your grateful patient Svetlana Pavlovna.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD