Patient Sh.

Good afternoon! I want to leave a review about my mother's treatment at the MCSC named after her. Loginov. We ourselves are from Yaroslavl. A year ago, in August 2021, my mother (59 years old), an active person in life, began to fade noticeably: she fell asleep on the move, became very weak, later her speech began to collapse and did not always understand where she was. There was a suspicion of a stroke, they visited all kinds of neurologists in Yaroslavl, they didn't detect a stroke, they blamed everything on Covid and sent it home. You can describe for a long time what we went through (it was scary, it seemed we were losing a loved one), until in October we turned to Makashova Elizaveta Sergeevna (neurologist) for help. It turned out that we were faced with a previously unfamiliar diagnosis: limbic (autoimmune) encephalitis - a lesion of the nervous system in which the body kills its own immunity (in my own words, I am not a doctor). This diagnosis was confirmed to us here. And so, starting in October and ending in March 2022, my mother was treated here, and every time she got better. I want to express my great gratitude to Makashova Elizaveta Sergeevna, Tkachenko Vasily Dmitrievich and all the staff somehow connected with the treatment of my mother! All doctors are great professionals in their field, very competent in their field and very well-coordinated work with each other. Communication was very responsive at all stages of treatment: at any time I received answers to my questions. Despite the fact that we are from another city, I have never heard a question from the category: "Why did you come to us?" It is very nice when doctors understand your problem and responsibly approach its solution. Thank you so much! Health to all!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD