Patient B.

I came to the reception department of the MCSC on June 22 for hospitalization in the PPJ department. I can describe the situation in the emergency department as working, well-organized and very friendly; even with manifestations of patient indiscipline, the staff dealt with it very correctly. I was very positively impressed by the doctor Larisa Vladimirovna, who registered me. A clever woman and a real doctor, she comforted me that they would not keep me in the PPJ for a long time. And indeed, I was in the PPJ for a day, during which time I was further examined from head to toe and transferred to the department of VTXHE, where I needed to go. During these days, all the staff and especially the doctor showed themselves to be real doctors — attentive and very professional. Thanks to them all.

In the department of VTHIKHE, I came under the care of Dr. Artem Alekseevich Chetvertkov for the second time; the first time was in 2020, when I was rescued in this department. And again I was amazed at how deeply and quickly Artem Alekseevich delves into the problem. I also experienced for myself how skillfully he does medical manipulations. Plus, Artyom Alekseevich's talents and skills as a surgeon, he has God's gift to talk to patients in such a way that complicated things become clear, and when he refuses, it's clear that it's in your best interests. And maximum goodwill! My attending physician was a surgeon, Ph.D. Oleg Vadimovich Ishchenko. I realized that he is a wonderful professional, a doctor of a very high level and also very friendly and humane. I was also greatly helped by the resident A.I. Dokhov, to whom I am also very grateful.

How wonderful that there is such a necessary for people and such a well-organized department! How wonderful that very good humane people and real professionals work there! I wish health to all and prosperity to this wonderful department.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD