Patient K.

07.07.2022 I had a postoperative ventral hernia operated on by laparoscopic method. Many thanks for my health to the surgeon, Ph.D. Belousov Alexander Mikhailovich! The second time I find myself with him and have never regretted it! Cool doctor, I bow down! Attentive, determined, organized, a clear professional in his field, a good man, a handsome man)) In surgery, only to Belousov A.M. We, patients, each doctor has a lot, but we have our own doctor, whom you trust and are not afraid of anything! Health, good luck, happiness, fulfillment of all wishes to Alexander Mikhailovich!!!

Separately, I would like to express my gratitude to all the employees of the A.S. Loginov MCSC on Academician Pavlov Street for their sensitivity (is everything all right with the patient), courtesy, help (solving all the problems that have arisen), reliability (painkillers, please), calmness towards patients.

I thank the management for the cleanliness, comfort, good food, book corners and good staff of this medical institution! THANK YOU!!!

With respect and gratitude, patient 417 of the ward.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD