Patient B.

I want to express my gratitude from our whole family. My mother was sent for surgery to remove a skin tumor on her face at the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov Entuziastov Highway 86. Considering the advanced age of my mother 89 years and a large number of concomitant diseases, the head of the department of tumors of the head and neckYakovleva Lilia Pavlovna organized a quick hospitalization and found a way to perform the operation in the morning. For mom, this was critically important, because a long wait can provoke excitement and an increase in blood pressure. All these points were taken into account by Lilia Pavlovna and the operation was successfully carried out on 07/06/12. Many thanks to the oncologist surgeonGavrishchuk to Peter Alexandrovich and the attending surgeonVyalov A.S. for attention, kindness and high professionalism! Thank you very much!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD