Patient E.

Good afternoon! For a long time I was gathering my thoughts, to write a review about the clinic and its staff, the Department of General Surgery of the branch of MCSC named after A.S. Loginov on Ak. Pavlova22. I will start from the first days of my stay in the hospital. Very competent specialists, comfortable stay. All hospital staff clearly know their functionality, order and cleanliness. Operated in the department of bariatric surgery. The team of doctors are professionals. High level of surgeons represented by Ph.D.Askerkhanova R.G. andA.L. Petrova, sensitive, competent specialists with GOLDEN HANDS. They help to gain a second wind for the patient, paving the way for a new life. I would like to express my gratitude and special gratitude to all the doctors, medical staff, orderlies, barmaids. After any operation, patients have a hard time physically and mentally. The medical staff is doing their best to ensure that the stay in the hospital and rehabilitation goes well. A wonderful psychologist works at the hospitalIvashkina M.G., who helps to find important words for her patients. I was surprised that after the operation we are not abandoned, the surgeons are in touch. There is a chat for patients in which I can ask questions and get answers to them. High level of standards. I want to thank you once again, personally:Askerkhanova R.G.,Petrov A.L., anesthesiologist Nikita Olegovich, medical staff- Dolgan, Maria, Tatiana, Climate, Anastasia, Christina from the treatment room. Sorry I didn't list all of them. You have a wonderful team of doctors! Strength and patience! Sincerely, grateful patient!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD