Patient K.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to my attending surgeonAlexey Yuryevich Filimonov, anesthesiologistNikita Olegovich Petrov and the entire staff of the operational team (08/03/2022) for giving me the opportunity to celebrate my 85th birthday with my loved ones. Thank you for being alive!!! Along with high professionalism, the doctors showed great courage by venturing to continue the removal of the gallbladder with "precious" stones by laparoscopy, while simultaneously struggling with the pressure that jumped on my way from the ward from the surgery department to the operating table. You are heroes! I wish surgeon Alexey Yuryevich Filimonov, anesthesiologist Nikita Olegovich Petrov, every member of the operating team (08/03/2022), cardiologistNatalia Vladimirovna Nesterova and the staff of the cardiology department, in which a competent and complete preparation of my body for the operation was carried out. It is equally important to receive all the surgeon's appointments on time after the operation, which is successfully provided by the staff of the general surgery department, which works clearly and flawlessly, like a well-oiled clockwork. To all-all-all of you and your loved ones many times: HEALTH!!! SUCCESS IN YOUR NOBLE WORK!!! 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD