Patient B.

I was hospitalized in the oncosurgical department of the pelvic organs on 10.10.2022 for the purpose of surgical intervention and was in inpatient treatment on 17.10.2022. I would like to express my gratitude to my attending physician Tizilova Evgeniya Andreevna, as well as to the head of the department Valiev Ramiz Kamraddinovich, research associate Nurberdiev Maksat Bayramovich. Before the operation, they explained to me its course and purpose, calmed me down and raised my morale (especially considering my age - 76 years). Even before I was hospitalized in the department for a consultation, I realized that I could trust such doctors. Evgenia Andreevna was in touch all the time. I went to the operation absolutely calm and confident in its favorable outcome.

The attitude of all department staff is attentive and pleasant! Nurses and nurses helped to get up, lie down, eat, and perform hygiene procedures. Nutrition, in my opinion, is quite adequate for postoperative patients, special thanks to the food distributor! The staff maintains cleanliness and order in the department, including in the bathrooms. Unfortunately, the department is located in an old building that is far from the main entrance to the hospital. New buildings are being built, I would really like to see this department (which is very much in demand due to the active flow of patients) in a modernly equipped and constructed building worthy of the work of such professionals in their field!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD