Patient P.

I would like to express my gratitude to all MCSC employees. She was treated in November 2022. Everyone with whom I had to communicate was as polite as possible and with a desire to help. The reception department is well organized. There is no house. Everyone is sitting and waiting for their turn by appointment. A cute girl comes out and voices who's next. There is no swearing who stood behind whom. Everything is clean.
The contract department employs professionals in their field. They answer all questions quickly. All certificates and invoices are provided promptly. Anesthesiologists conduct excellent consultations before and after the operation, everything is clear, understandable and not scary.
I was lucky to meet the best doctors who helped me very quickly with my problem. Doctors are always in touch, any health answers were given to me without delay. I thank Akhmedyanova A.R. this attentive doctor literally by the hand walked with me all the way from diagnosis, examination, hospitalization and surgery. In MCSC, the best doctors Alikhanov R.B. and Akhmedyanov A.R. performed the operation for me. I am very grateful to them.
I want to note the cleanliness of the department. I was lying on the 5th floor of the 3rd building. The wards are cleaned several times a day. The wards themselves are comfortable and beautiful. The food is like in a sanatorium. I had a shared table. The portions are huge, everything is delicious. Professionals work here, ranging from junior medical staff to medical luminaries.
With great gratitude Prosvirova N.A.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD