Patient E.

i would like to thank all the staff of the coloproctology department of the MCSC named after a.s. Loginov. Mikhail Aleksandrovich Danilov, head of the Department of Coloproctology, managed to bring together a well-coordinated and successful team of professionals in his field. Mikhail Alexandrovich Danilov is a brilliant surgeon and a wonderful person. We went to the Center in the direction and specifically to him ("we are sending you to one of the best surgeons"). And he actually turned out to be the BEST, for me, for sure. At the first consultation, Mikhail Alexandrovich looked very attentively and seriously at his computer screen, studying the recording from the computer tomography disk of my rare situation. And I silently watched the emotions on his face and was afraid: "what if..." Shifting his gaze to me, he calmly and confidently said: "I'll take it. And I will." With these two words and his inner professionalism, he immediately instilled in me both calmness and confidence. He made this difficult choice without hesitation. And he set me up for a good result and gave me positive emotions. I went to collect the necessary tests for surgery and prepare for the upcoming hospitalization. At the next meeting, Mikhail Alexandrovich introduced me to my attending physician, Igor Vladimirovich Matveev, who already knew that soon they would have to remove a complex tumor together. Igor Vladimirovich instantly surrounded me with sensitive attention and boundless care. This competent, balanced, knowledgeable, able, well-mannered and certainly promising young doctor helped me in everything from the first day I met. Dear Doctors, you are unique people, you are the best!!! Thank you for your help, for your medical ethics, clear actions, and for your professional approach to any question regarding my situation. You saved my life, saved me for my family, and again the bright joyful colors of a wonderful life shine around me! The whole family thank you, congratulations on a brilliantly done job, let me gently shake your golden hands that HEAL. We wish you and your loved ones good health, great happiness, love and joy, to always remain the same wonderful people with kind and sympathetic hearts. May all your wishes come true, professional and career growth, luck in every moment of your life! Getting to the department of coloproctology, and I spent enough time there, observing the minute-by-minute life of about a hundred-meter segment of the A.S. Loginov Center, I conclude that all patients are in the safe hands of medical professionals! Congratulations on all New Year's holidays! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD