Patient K.

I thank Dr. Tatyana Ivanovna Yankova. I applied for a referral from an oncologist-mammologist in connection with a hereditary mutation of a gene identified by tests. Additionally, there was a previously performed analysis for hemostasis gene polymorphism on hand. The doctor looked at all the tests, told about each mutation indicated in them, explained what they are responsible for, which organs and life in general affect. She gave recommendations on how and what to control, what to pay attention to, and at what time and age intervals to undergo the required research to preserve the quality of life and my personal peace of mind. She also told me in detail how this or that mutation may or may not affect my child in the future, which is very important to me. The doctor told me everything calmly, did not hurry anywhere, clearly explained how my affairs were on the above tests, I am very pleased that I was at the reception with this specialist.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD