Patient F.

I express my sincere thanks to the Gastroenterology department of the Pavlov branch, the attending physician Dashkina N.A. and the head of the department Fadeeva N.A., as well as nurses and junior staff. I am absolutely delighted to be in your department. The complete order from the chambers to the manipulations. Dietary nutrition is amazing. Everything will be explained, explained, shown, all procedures and examinations will be prescribed. I had an MRI scan with contrast because I am allergic to iodine contrast for CT. You did not refuse, but found an alternative and conducted a study. In the conditions of Covid, your department works at a high level, all the rules are strictly observed, and your goodwill warms your soul. I was calm about my health being here, as at home. Many thanks to Everyone!!!!!!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD