Patient E.

Department of High-tech surgery and Surgical endoscopy. Doctor Tyutyunnik Pavel Stanislavovich - a huge thank you for your attentiveness, faith and confidence that everything will be fine with me!!! Pancreatic cancer. Promptly gathered a consultation on which 6 courses of chemotherapy were prescribed. Exactly 3 months ago, on 11/22/2022, he and his colleagues performed a complex laparoscopic PD operation. At the consultation before the operation, he said - you will get up a day after the operation, in 3-5 days you will eat by yourself, in 7-10 days we will write you out. I couldn't believe it then... And that's the way it is!!! What does experience and professionalism mean, and most importantly - he instilled in me the confidence that it will be so!!! Now I have undergone 4 chemotherapy after surgery, there are 2 more ahead and then rehabilitation and observation in Loginov.

I would like to thank and bow low to all the Doctors of the KDO with whom I conduct consultations - they are all very attentive and experts in their field!!! And the whole Loginov team and nurses and everyone!!! Pavel Stanislavovich, I wish you all the best, all the best!!! Both in the family and in the profession! Thank you for being there!!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD