Patient E.

07.12.2022 and 12.01.2023 successively underwent surgery on the lung and stomach. I am grateful that the thoracic-abdominal surgeon - oncologist Novikov Dmitry Vladimirovich took a direct part in my fate. He promptly decided to send for additional research and performed 2 difficult operations flawlessly, and later carried out postoperative treatment. Patiently, thoroughly, reasonably answered numerous questions, gave relevant comments and explanations. Taking into account the specifics of the disease, regardless of the cost of personal time, he constantly provided psychological and emotional support. He has organizational skills that he showed at his previous job. Keeping demanding of employees, he managed to create a friendly, friendly atmosphere in the team. Being a candidate of medical sciences, he continues to engage in scientific activities, is published in specialized scientific publications. Finds time to conduct pedagogical activities. Dmitry Vladimirovich, I remain forever grateful. Good luck! Good deeds!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD