Patient T.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the oncostationary hospital on 3rd Park Street, 51. Starting from the reception department, medical workers surround you with attention and care. If you consider what diagnoses people come there with, you can understand the condition of patients. My husband was hospitalized in this hospital twice (for biopsy and surgery). Both times the medical staff was friendly, did not get annoyed if something was filled out wrong, prompted calmly and patiently. My husband was very lucky that he got into the 3rd oncosurgical department of thoracic surgery, which is headed by Novikov Dmitry Vladimirovich. He is a sensitive, attentive doctor and a wonderful leader who loves his job. Everything is always clear in his department, everything is always in order, everything is professional. The arising issues are solved quickly and promptly. Patients in his department are under his vigilant control. Dmitry Vladimirovich has created a friendly, favorable atmosphere for the professional work of his team of like-minded people. While communicating with him, everything becomes clear, he explains the essence of the problem in an accessible way. It is immediately felt that he is a leader, a professional, capable of leading. Dmitry Vladimirovich has the gift of persuasion, knows how to support a person in a difficult situation. Novikov D.V. has created a strong, cohesive professional team. Thank you very much, Dmitry Vladimirovich! Good luck and prosperity to you in your hard work!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD