Patient C.

I applied to the MCSC department of operative endoscopy, because there is no such type of treatment in my region yet. Surgeon Pavlov I.A. in the shortest possible time and very clearly explained to me what was necessary for the treatment, sent me a list of examinations with a step-by-step indication of the procedure and informed the date of hospitalization. The center itself was simply shocked by the excellent organization, as well as the polite and caring attitude towards patients.

I express my gratitude to Dr. Pavlov I.A. for professionalism, to the team of anesthesiologists headed by Egoshin D.V. for an endless sense of humor, to the nurses on duty in the department with an unpronounceable name on the 6th floor of the 4th building, and to all the medical staff I treated for three days from 27.02 to 01.03.2023 for attentive and sensitive attitude because it heals no worse than medicines and procedures.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD