Patient Sh.

I express my great gratitude to gastroenterologist Mishaeva Raisa Jamaludinovna!! For the sake of a face-to-face reception, I came from Volgograd on a recommendation and was very pleased with the result of the trip. The doctor devoted a lot of time to me and my problem, looked through the entire stack of tests and examinations, additional ones were prescribed, treatment was selected, and all the necessary recommendations were given. Such an integrated approach cannot be found in our city.

Raisa Jamaludinovna, thank you very much for your professional attitude, caring for the patient, sensitive and attentive attitude. I wish you grateful positive patients and career growth!! I know that you pay special attention to the issues of professional development and training. I wish you not to stand still, but to boldly move forward — to new knowledge and discoveries!! Thank you very much!!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD