Patient J.

In March 2023, the examination for the diagnosis of rectosigmoid colon cancer was completed. On 03/24/2023, the operation was carried out successfully and filigree. I would like to express my sincere and huge gratitude to the surgeons Baichorov Aslan Borisovich and Matveev Igor Vladimirovich - doctors of the colonoproctology department, for high-quality treatment, for medical ethics and for professionalism in their work, for sensitivity and attention, for caring attitude and golden hands! Thank you for your kind disposition, sensitivity and interest. I am very grateful to you for your ability to listen, understand and understand the situation.

I wish you further success in a difficult task for the benefit of all patients in need of complex treatment! I wish you peace, kindness and prosperity! All the best and only grateful patients. 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD