Patient G.

in november 2022, i had an initial consultation with oncologist-surgeon nikolay semenov, where i received answers to all my questions about my disease and finally decided to operate in the future at the MCSC named after him. Loginov. in january 2023, she was promptly hospitalized in the department of high-tech surgery and surgical endoscopy of the MCSC. Loginova for surgical treatment of detected stomach cancer. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my attending surgeon Nikolai Semenov for his sensitivity and attentiveness, for his support in my difficult life situation. Nikolai Evgenievich is a wonderful doctor, a doctor from God! Before the operation, I did not worry a single gram, because I felt confident and safe in the reliable hands of the doctor, which is invaluable for every patient. Postoperative support was also organized at the highest level! I would also like to note the staff of the department as a whole: responsive and sympathetic to each patient, it was very pleasant to be in this hospital, in a comfortable atmosphere created, which directly depends, in my opinion, on the management of the clinic. I am very glad that this path has opened up to me, which has preserved my strength and faith in a bright future! Thank you!

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD