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MCSC patient's family

Surgeon Matveychuk Danila Alekseevich. My father is 78 years old. Stomach cancer. After a course of chemistry, an operation was performed, the stomach and gallbladder were removed. After such a complicated operation, he was discharged a week later and went to work the next day! Feels great. He says that nothing hurts and does not even feel that something is missing in the body. Danila Alekseevich clearly explained what the treatment plan will be and what needs to be done. Always in touch, polite, delicate. Everything is on the case, nothing superfluous, a real professional. He calmed both his father and relatives. It took less than a month from the detection of cancer to the start of treatment, which is very important. Danila Alekseevich gave important and timely recommendations and organized the right treatment. When his father was hospitalized for surgery, Danila Alekseevich checked his health several times a day and gave the necessary advice.

From the bottom of my heart, from me and my father, many thanks to the surgeon Danila Alekseevich. I liked everything. The main thing is professionalism and the result of treatment. I also liked the ability to work in a team. All the doctors who, together with Danila Alekseevich, were with his father are great professionals and well done. Attention and respect for the patient, the ability to listen. 

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