Patient Z.

We would like to express our great gratitude to the call center operator Natalia, who solved our problem with recording to the wrong specialist within three hours on Sunday (03/10/2024). On 02/24/2024, they were registered with a specialist in diseases of the abdominal organs. Recorded only on 03/11/2024. The operator, having previously asked everything that was possible, and having received the disease code, made an appointment with a doctor who deals with tumors of the head and neck. Mom is currently not mobile enough. It is worth drainage to remove bile from the body. Since February 24, we have been waiting for reception, we took off yesterday from the region to Moscow (a three-hour flight). She was flying with an escort. One ticket costs 9 thousand. Housing is also paid daily. Today Dad decided to conduct reconnaissance and went to the MCSC. And what was his surprise that the recording did not go to the right specialist! Naturally, the parents called the call center and the operator Natalia solved the problem in 3 hours. I was able to record my mother to the right doctor already on 12.03. I explained everything from and to - where to go, how, what services can be provided due to low mobility. Once again, we express our great gratitude to this operator. And please be sure to mention her work.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD