Patient K.

I want to thank the MCSC staff.Loginov. Thank you so much for my treatment. Special thanks to the oncologist Sturua Khatuna Dzhumbertovna, who quickly prescribed the necessary tests and directions. To the surgeon obstetrician-gynecologist Loginova Ekaterina Alexandrovna for the difficult but successful operation performed by me (07.03.2024), Ivanova Larisa Borisovna, nurse Yartseva Victoria Olegovna. Anesthesiologists Subbotin Stanislav Andreevich, nurse Borovkova Victoria Alekseevna. Well, and the rest of the employees who took care of us. Special thanks to the chefs, the food was delicious and satisfying, albeit with dietary dishes (I even took a few recipes to myself). May God bless you and your hands.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD