PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient E.

I want to write about Dr. Aliyev Vyacheslav Afandievich. I was treated by him 15 years ago, he then worked at the Blokhin cancer center in the proctology department. Dr. Aliyev was my attending physician and surgeon. I was a very serious patient, rectal cancer. After chemotherapy, I didn't eat for 2 months, I weighed 40 kg. The doctor was fighting for my life. Slowly, slowly, everything got better for us.12.04.2010 I was operated on. Alive, healthy, feeling good. Every year I go through all the examinations, everything is fine with me. My dear Doctor Vyacheslav Afandievich, I want everyone to know what a wonderful Person and Doctor you are! You gave me life, I've been living a normal life for almost 15 years, I've been doing my house and cottage, I've raised my granddaughters, I'm happy every day. Thank you for everything: for a Kind heart, for high professionalism, for humanity! I thank God that I have met such a Doctor in my life - a man with a big heart.

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