Patient L.

Andrey Olegovich, thank you so much for the comfortable treatment, for the perfectly performed operation! The department is clean and fresh. Young friendly and attentive doctors. Excellent nurses - attentive, patient and friendly. Almost homely atmosphere! Almost, because while the walls are scuffed, the appearance of the bathrooms evokes memories of the pioneer camp of the eighties (but very clean, this is monitored!)  the food is not very similar to home-made: -). But the food is always served with a smile, like a dear guest-thanks to the workers of the buffet! Thank you for the smiles of Alena from the treatment room, Mila the skilled dressings, the nurses on duty, the nurses and a special thank you to the sunny bunny Irina, who with her infectious laughter made the stitches heal faster:- ) Excellent atmosphere, respectful and attentive attitude to patients. A solid five plus for everyone, and especially for the head of the department! He is not only a great doctor, but also a real leader! We have repaired such an important place for a motorcyclist, I hope forever! Separately, I would like to mention the contract department. This is the first place where the patient usually ends up. And there's a solid two. Stuffy, unfriendly - this is especially unpleasant, because absolutely nothing costs just to smile, say hello and say goodbye. Unfortunately, all the employees ( with the exception of Svetlana, who answers a huge number of phone calls without losing her goodwill and positive attitude) do not have the strength to be friendly. It's a pity, but if you manage to overcome this annoying barrier, then no one in the department will be disappointed. Surprisingly, I didn't want to go straight away)). Thank you very much to all the staff who brightened up my stay in the 6th ward, on the 6th floor, in the 616 ward. I'm glad no bad omens worked. With respect to all, M.
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD