PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient p.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to the staff of the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology: Vera Alexandrovna Rogozina, PhD, a talented endoscopist for the friendly, attentive and patient attitude to patients, high professionalism and true interest in obtaining objective research results. I sincerely wish her good health, professional longevity, both for the benefit of patients, and for strengthening the professional and scientific potential of the MCSC.
I would also like to sincerely thank Natalia G. Samsonova, Ph. D., ultrasound doctor, a very attentive, highly qualified, dedicated specialist. It is able to clarify the most complex diagnosis, to help doctors and patients determine the tactics of treatment of the disease.
Such employees as V. A. Rogozin and N. G. Samsonova are the best business card of the MCSC.
With special warmth and sincere gratitude, I want to note the work of the nurses of the Department of Intestinal Pathology:  Tatiana Mikhailovna Budylina, Elena Ivanovna Koroleva, Yulia Gennadievna Arbuzova, the procedural nurse Svetlana Vladimirovna Fedotova and the senior nurse of the department Marina Anatolyevna Goreltseva, who by their conscientious work and kind-hearted, attentive, professional attitude to patients soften the not always favorable impression of hospital everyday life, act as true nurses, helping patients overcome illness and psychological problems that arise during hospitalization.
I would like to congratulate the management of the MCSC on the skillful selection of personnel and wish them to highlight and encourage such conscientious employees, whose merits, in particular, maintain the prestige of the MCSC.
Patient P., pensioner, inv. 2 gr.
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