Patient M.

In December 2015, I underwent endoscopic ERCP surgery to remove stones from the common bile duct. The operation was performed by the surgeon of the Department of operative endoscopy Nedoluzhko Ivan Yuryevich.  I did it-brilliantly!!!  The operation lasted only 30 minutes, during which all 3 stones were successfully removed from the duct. I was very afraid to do the operation , I did not believe that the stones could be removed during an endoscopic operation , without an incision. I was also terribly afraid of side effects in the form of acute pancreatitis after ERCP, which I not only read about on the Internet, but also heard from doctors who sent me for surgery . But there were no side effects and a day after the operation I was discharged from the hospital in good health. It's just fantastic!!! I am eternally grateful to the surgeon Ivan Yuryevich Nedoluzhko and all the wonderful team of the department of operative endoscopy, as well as to the anesthesiologist Savin Vladimir Nikolaevich. I admire the professionalism and obsession of these wonderful doctors. THANK YOU!!!!!
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD