Patient A.

Infinite gratitude and absolute unconditional trust in the professionalism of Dr. ROMAN ABAKUMOV (Department of GYNECOLOGY). I searched for a long time, watched, listened, checked, tested, compared (may other doctors, including great clinics, forgive me). I am happy that I found Roman Sergeyevich!
The nurses in the department are funny, cute and definitely professional. Sorry for my tears/snot/fainting spells/whims. I would evict such a patient in one day))) Where do these people get the patience and strength for such a pace of work, such conditions and a continuous flow of patients?  Health to you, dear ones! And thank you many times! Natalia Altunina (lived with you from 22.10.15 to 26.10.15.).
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD