PCR test for COVID-19 in 1.5 hours

Patient R.

Review of 29.09.2015/ Department of Endoscopy/ I want to thank the Head of the Department of Endoscopy Pyotr Leonidovich Shcherbakov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, professor and nurse of the highest category Romanova Margarita Ivanovna for the colonoscopy procedure performed for me. I was very afraid! From the expected fear, I even burst into tears. But thanks to Maragarita Ivanovna, her attention and sensitivity, I calmed down. The procedure was performed without anesthesia and anesthesia. Duration: 25-30 minutes. Everything happened calmly, almost painlessly, except for the passage of the bends of the intestine - then there was more discomfort.  Of course, I felt the presence of a colonoscope in my intestines, but there was no wild desire to get rid of it. Pyotr Leonidovich commented on such moments, constantly led the conversation, and Margarita Ivanovna helped with changes in body position and rotation.  Dear patients, I am writing to you:  don't be afraid and be sure to do the research if necessary. There's nothing wrong with it. DON't BE AFRAID!!!  And there is no need for anesthesia. Read less negative reviews on the Internet.
Pyotr Leonidovich is pleasant, polite, tactful and, of course, a professional.
Many thanks to Professor Shcherbakov Pyotr Leonidovich - \ " The luminary of science and golden hands\"!
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