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Sveklova Natalia Viktorovna

Sveklova Natalia Viktorovna

Functional diagnostics

Отделение функциональной диагностики


In 2003, she graduated from the Ivanovo State Medical Academy (GOU VPO IVGMA) with a degree in " Medical science»

In 2004, she completed an internship in the specialty "Therapy" (GOU VPO IVGMA)

2005 professional retraining in the specialty "functional diagnostics" in the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education of the Russian State Medical University

2011 certification cycle, general improvement "Functional diagnostics", GOU HPE RSMU

2014 advanced training on the cycle "Clinical Electroencephalography" at the NOU " L. A. Novikova School of Clinical Electroencephalography and Neurophysiology»

two thousand thirteen The first category of functional diagnostics

2015 FSBEI DPO RMAPO of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation thematic improvement "Ultrasound diagnostics in cardiology-Echocardiography", Department of Ultrasound Diagnostics of the RMAPO

2016. N. I. Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Department of Clinical Functional Diagnostics. Certification cycle " Functional diagnostics»

2017 FGBU DPO "TSMA" UDP of the Russian Federation training in the master class program " Cardiopulmonary and brain resuscitation with electrocardiodefibrillation»

2017 Moscow State Medical University named after A. I. Evdokimov MZRF Advanced training cycle " Daily blood pressure monitoring» 

Work experience: since 2004-11 years. There are printed works.

Professional skills:
electrocardiography( ECG), daily ECG monitoring, stress tests (VEM, treadmill test), daily blood pressure monitoring (SMAD), spirography (FVD), rheography (RVG), electroencephalography (EEG), stimulation electroneuromyography (ENMG).

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