Klimashevich Alexander Vladimirovich

Klimashevich Alexander Vladimirovich



Deputy Chief Physician for Surgical Care


doctor of Medical Sciences


1995-2001-Saratov State Medical University (SSMU), specialty - "Medical care".

2001-2002-Penza Regional Clinical Hospital named after N. N. Burdenko, internship in surgery.

2004-2007-Saratov State Medical University (SSMU), Department of Hospital Surgery of the Faculty of Pediatrics, correspondence postgraduate course in Surgery.

2007-defense of the candidate's dissertation on the topic: "Monitoring correction of gastric secretion in the prevention of recurrent ulcerative gastroduodenal bleeding".

2014-defense of the doctoral dissertation on the topic: "Modern technologies of prevention and treatment of post-burn cicatricial strictures of the esophagus".

Work experience:

2002-2005-Surgeon of the Penza Regional Clinical Hospital named after N. N. Burdenko.

2005-2008-Senior Lecturer at the Department of Traumatology, Orthopedics and Military-Extreme Medicine of the Medical Institute of Penza State University.

2008-2015-Associate Professor of the Department of Surgery of the Medical Institute of Penza State University.

2013-2017-Founder and Director of the Simulation surgery center of the Medical Institute of Penza State University.

2014-present-Chief Researcher of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

2020-present-Deputy Chief Physician of the Loginov Moscow Medical Research Center.


2007-introduction of a new method of treatment of post-burn scar strictures of the esophagus by stenting with nitinol and biodegradable structures.

2008-2010-introduction of new promising methods of laparoscopic operations: appendectomy, suturing of perforated gastric ulcer and duodenum, hernioplasty for inguinal hernia, fundoplication in various modifications, submucosal esophagomyotomy with fundoplication for achalasia of the cardia, sigmoid colon resection, low anterior rectal resection, adrenalectomy, resection of kidney cysts.

2012-introduction of methods of external and external-internal percutaneous transhepatic drainage and stenting of the bile ducts with nitinol stents.

2011-2015-Head of several (completed) clinical trials: TG/JD / 2011, ERTAR-III-2015, CASPO-III-08/2015, DRP-04-2015.

2016 - present-Head of several (as yet incomplete) clinical trials: ENOX-08/2015, KI/0116-3, REM-OJ-III-16, REM-CJ-III-16.

Scientific works and publications:
Author of 116 scientific papers, 2 monographs, 6 educational and methodological publications, 6 patents for inventions and utility models.


Member of the All-Russian Society of Surgeons, the Russian Society of Gastroenterology Surgeons.

Speaker of international and All-Russian scientific and practical conferences.

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