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Glushchenko Dmitry Yuryevich

Glushchenko Dmitry Yuryevich


Отделение онкогематологии

Department of Hematology and hemoblastosis chemotherapy 

2006-2012. Altai State Medical University, Faculty of Medicine
2012-2013-internship in the specialty "therapy" Fsbei he "Altai State Medical University"
2013-2015-residency in Hematology, Altai State Medical University
Work experience: 
Doctor of the second qualification category in the specialty "Hematology". 
From September 2015 to December 2020, he held the position of hematologist of the Department of oncohematology at the Kgbuz "Regional Clinical Hospital".
From July to December 2020, he was a full-time hematologist at the central infectious diseases hospital COVID-19 in Barnaul on the basis of the Kgbuz "City Hospital No. 5". 
From December 2020 to February 2021. he worked as a hematologist in the Department of therapy with a hematological bias in a separate structural unit for the treatment of patients with a new coronavirus infection on the basis of the A. S. Loginov MCSC.  
From March 2021 to the present, he is a full-time hematologist at the Department of Hematology and chemotherapy of hemoblastoses of the A. S. Loginov MCSC, branch at 22 Pavlov Street.   
Certificate in therapy, Hematology
Activities: he is actively working with patients of the Hematology Department of the hospital, is engaged in scientific activities. 

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD