Golubev Vladimir Valerievich

Golubev Vladimir Valerievich


Отделение ортопедии и сложной травмы


  • 1994-2000-Medical Faculty, I. N. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy
  • 2000-2002-clinical residency, Department of Traumatology and orthopedics of the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education
  • 2002-2005-full-time postgraduate study in the Department of bone pathology of the Priorov Cito Federal State University;
  • 02.2011-05.2011-professional retraining, Department of Health Organization and public health of the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education.
  • 02.2013-06.2013-professional retraining, Department of Neurosurgery of the Russian Medical Academy of postgraduate education.  

Certificates, scientific degree: Traumatology-orthopedics, neurosurgery, Health Organization and public health.

Candidate of Medical Sciences 

Work experience:

From March 2021 to the present – traumatologist-orthopedist, MCSC named after A. S. Loginov
From November 2016 to March 2021-traumatologist-orthopedist, gkb 15 named after O. M. Filatov from October 2005 to the present – traumatologist-orthopedist, neurosurgeon of Orthospine Clinic LLC
10.2005-10.2009-traumatologist-orthopedist, CJSC "Yuropian Medical Center"
07.2004-10.2005-traumatologist-orthopedist, LLC "Medical Center of vertebrology and orthopedics" 01.2001-08.2004-traumatologist for emergency medical care, State Clinical Hospital No. 15 named after O. M. Filatov, Moscow 

Professional skills:

Operative and conservative treatment of diseases of the spine:

  • Minimally invasive treatment of herniated discs and spinal stenosis
  • Vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, surgical treatment of osteoporosis complications
  • Stabilizing minimally invasive spine surgery
  • Surgical treatment of spinal injuries and their consequences
  • Surgical treatment of pain syndrome in degenerative diseases of the spine
  • Laser Spine Surgery
  • Conservative treatment of chronic pain syndromes
  • Therapeutic blockades using X-ray consistency
  • A-PRP therapy
  • Tunnel neuropathy

Price list

#1-132 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-травматолога-ортопеда, к.м.н. первичный 6000 руб
#1-133 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-травматолога-ортопеда, к.м.н. повторный 4000 руб
Не является офертой
GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD