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Stepanov Andrey Borisovich

Stepanov Andrey Borisovich


Отделение ортопедии и сложной травмы

Candidate of Medical Sciences 
Doctor of the highest qualification category

Medical experience: 31 year


  • 1990-Saratov State Medical Institute, "Medical business". 
  • 1991-residency, Department of surgery of the Military Medical Faculty at the Saratov State Medical Institute
  • 1997-Central Research Institute of Traumatology and orthopedics named after N. N. Priorov. Residency in the specialty "traumatologist-orthopedist". 
  • 2006-awarded the scientific degree of candidate of Medical Sciences. 

Professional skills: treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. 

It treats a wide range of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including coxarthrosis of various origins, aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, deforming arthrosis of various joints, fracture and false joint of the femoral neck. 

Endoprosthetics, joint surgery:

  • hip replacement with modern endoprostheses (cement and cement-free) for injuries: fracture of the femoral neck
  • hip replacement with modern endoprostheses (cement and cement-free) for diseases (coxarthrosis, rheumatoid arthritis, aseptic necrosis of the femoral head, dysplastic arthrosis)
  • knee replacement
  • endoprosthetics of the first metatarsal-phalanx joint
  • prosthetics of the head of the radius in multi-comminuted fractures
  • reconstructive operations for deformities of the anterior and middle part of the feet, both open and minimally invasive (through point incisions)
  • minimally invasive operations for metatarsalgia (pain under the heads of 2-4 metatarsal bones with transverse flat feet)
  • surgical treatment of Morton's disease
  • corrective osteotomies for posttraumatic bone deformities, with incipient gonarthrosis
  • suture and repair of fresh and old tendon and ligament injuries
  • surgical treatment of habitual shoulder dislocation
  • surgical treatment of habitual dislocation of the patella
  • arthroscopic treatment of diseases and injuries of the knee joint (rehabilitation arthroscopy for arthrosis, meniscus damage, PKS, fold hypertrophy)
  • bone plastic surgery for bone cysts; therapeutic and diagnostic punctures of joints
  • removal of exostoses
  • operative and conservative treatment of dislocations
  • surgical and conservative treatment of fractures of long tubular and flat bones using modern implants with Angular stability

Membership in societies: Full member of the Russian scientific arthroscopic society.

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD