Abolmasov Alexey Valerievich

Abolmasov Alexey Valerievich


Branch of MCSC named after A. S. Loginov on Pavlov

Education and professional activity:

  • 1987-1994 Higher education in the specialty “Medical business” of SSMU
  • 1994 -1995 Clinical residency
  • On-the-job training Germany (Prof. R. Bittner, Prof.A. Konigsreiner, Prof. K.Senkal, France (Prof.J.L. Duluq, P.Wentringer), India ( S.Putambekar) I.Belyanski (USA, Baltimore)

Scientific activity: Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of General Surgery Oryol State University named after I.S.Turgenev

Membership in professional communities:

Member of ROH, European Society of Herniologists (IEHS and EHS), surgical Internet communities Surginet and Russian Surginet., International Hernia Collaboration Group, Inernational Hernia Collaboration Premium, SAGES Collaboration Group.

Member of the Editorial Board of the Inernational Journal Abdominal Wall and Hernia Surgery

Certified in specialties: surgery, endoscopy, coloproctology, oncology, gynecology, OZ.

Work experience: 29 years old, the highest category.

Reports at the congresses of IEHS Stuttgart 2008, Belgrad 2012, congresses of endoscopic surgeons, the Society of hirniologists of the Russian Federation.

Master classes as an expert and lecturer:

2014 -2015 Moscow ISPS GEMC Clinic

2016 – Makhachkala in the framework of the ROH 

2016 – Moscow MCSC in the framework of ROH K.Storz

2016 – Moscow in the framework of the ROH International Festival of Endoscopy and Surgery at the Institute ofVishnevsky.

2017 – XX Congress of ROH Moscow

2017 – Beslan in the framework of the ROH

2017 - Moscow within the framework of the ROH International Festival of Endoscopy and Surgery at the Institute of Vishnevsky

2018 - XIX Congress of the ROH Moscow

2018 – Makhachkala in the framework of the ROH

2018 Festival of Endoscopy in-te im.Vishnevsky Moscow

2018 – EAES 2018 - Advance laparoscopic abdominal wall surgery/Scientific and practical course on herniology MCSC Moscow 

2019 – XX congress of the ROH

2019 – IEHS Nanjing China 

2019 – EHS Hamburg 

2020 Egiev surgery school – Strangulated hernia lecturer

2020 Proctofest 1med.TV in search of dial Abolmasov

2020 Meeting of the Society of gernilogov Moscow

2020 Festival of Endoscopy in-te im.Vishnevsky Moscow

2020 Beijing IJAWHS

2020 IEHS  IJAWHS Beijing

2021 EHS&AHS Copenhagen

2021 – XXI congress of ROH

2021 – The Congress of the Russian Society of Herniologists

2021 – Skolkovo Endofest

2021 – International School of Practical Herniology

2021 – IEHS IJAWHS Beijing

2022 – School of Practical Surgery Prof. Egiev

2022 – IEHS editorial board of IJAWHS journal meeting Beijing

Faculty member at

2019 – IEHS Nanjing China

2019 – EHS Hamburg

2020 – Beijing IEHS

2021 – EHS&AHS Copenhagen

2021 – Beijing IEHS

2022 – Beijing IEHS

Intellectual Property (Patent)

  • Combined method of treatment of postoperative hernias
  • Laparoscopic retrovesical colpopectinopexy in the treatment of pelvic prolapses
  • Method of forming a sliding knot during laparoscopic operations


  • Laparoscopic correction of all types of abdominal hernias (TAPP, eTEP eTEP RS, eTEP TAR)
  • Laparoscopic treatment of difragmatic hernias and reflux disease
  • Laparoscopic correction of postpartum diastasis
  • Laparoscopic correction of pelvic organ prolapse in women


2020 Gratitude of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Bibliography: 67 scientific papers have been published

GBUZ Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after Loginov MHD