Danilchenko Vladimir Nikolaevich

Danilchenko Vladimir Nikolaevich


Branch of MCSC named after A. S. Loginov on Pavlov

Education: In 1996 he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Tver State Medical Academy, specialty "medical science".

1996 to 1998. Clinical residency in the specialty "Obstetrics and Gynecology" at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education on the basis of the State Medical University of St. Petersburg. Botkin.

1998-2001. Full-time postgraduate study at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

In 2002, he defended his PhD thesis "Bipolar electrosurgery in operative hysteroscopy".

In 2005, Professional retraining in the specialty "Ultrasound diagnostics" at the Institute of Advanced Training of the Federal Medical and Biological Agency.

Work experience: Work experience in healthcare institutions since 1987. Experience in the specialty since 1996. Ultrasound diagnostics for 9 years
obstetrician-gynecologist 18 years old.

Work experience: From 1998 to 2002, he worked as an emergency doctor at the State Medical Hospital No. 55. From 2002 to 2013, he worked as the Head of the Gynecological Department of the Central Clinical Hospital of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Since 2013, he has been working in the Department of Gynecology of the Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after A. S. Loginov of the Moscow Department of Health.

Title: Candidate of Medical Sciences

Medical category: 2008-The highest qualification category in the specialty "obstetrics and gynecology".

Professional retraining:

Advanced training in 2001, RMAPO Botkin State Clinical Hospital "Endosurgery of the pelvic organs".

Advanced training in 2003, RMAPO Botkin State Clinical Hospital "Fundamentals of hysteroscopy and transcervical endosurgery".

Advanced training in 2005 at the National Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences "Ultrasound Diagnostics".

Advanced training 2011 Moscow State Medical and Dental University "Endoscopic Surgery".

Scientific publications: author of 16 printed articles of one innovation proposal.

Main areas of activity: restoring women's health by combining traditional approaches to treatment with the most modern innovative technologies. Treatment of pathology of the cervix and endometrium, endometriosis and adenomyosis, prolapse of the walls of the vagina and uterus, tumors of the reproductive system, infertility. Ultrasound diagnostics in gynecology.

I prefer minimally invasive organ-preserving methods of treatment of gynecological diseases, hysteroresectoscopic and laparoscopic operations.

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#1-84 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-гинеколога, к.м.н. повторный 3400 руб
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