Parfenov Asfold Ivanovich

Parfenov Asfold Ivanovich


Head of the center

Отдел патологии кишечника

A prominent Russian gastroenterologist, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor.

Professor Parfenov A. I. is the author of 600 scientific works, including the author of guidelines for doctors "Intestinal diseases" (2000), "Enterology" (2002), the second edition which was published in 2009, "Diseases of the ileocecal region" (2005) and "Celiac disease" (2007).

Professor Parfenov first described such forms of intestinal pathology as" chronic yersiniosis ileitis"," cholagenic diarrhea"," post-infectious irritable bowel syndrome "and"involutive maldigestion".

These achievements of A. I. Parfenov were awarded the prize of the Government of Moscow.

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