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Kosacheva Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Kosacheva Tatyana Aleksandrovna



  • Graduated from the Moscow Medical Dental Institute. Semashko majored in "medical science".
  • She studied at the TSNIIG in the residency program in the specialty "Gastroenterology".
  • She defended her PhD thesis on the topic: "Clinical and diagnostic value of short-chain fatty acids in patients with ulcerative colitis".

Title: candidate of Medical Sciences.

The highest qualification category.

Participated in the study of the prevalence of constipation among the population of the city of Moscow. Has experience in conducting clinical trials.

He is proficient in the technique of conducting rectoromanoscopy.

Experience in the Department of Intestinal Pathology for more than 20 years.

Scientific papers - 15.

She took part in the work of Russian gastroenterology sessions and conferences.

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Price list

#1-3 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-гастроэнтеролога, к.м.н. первичный 4600 руб
#1-4 Прием (осмотр, консультация) врача-гастроэнтеролога, к.м.н. повторный 3400 руб
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