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Penile cancer

Penile cancer is a malignant neoplastic disease of the penis.

The causes of penile cancer have not been established. Penile cancer is more common in uncircumcised men with a narrow foreskin (phimosis).
The lack of personal hygiene and the presence of the human papillomavirus increases the risk of penile cancer.

Clinical symptoms:
One of the first complaints is the appearance of a painful tumor on the penis. Small wounds, defects in the skin of the foreskin or glans of the penis, which do not heal for a long time, are also suspicious of penile cancer. The above complaints can be noted in other diseases of the penis, so if such changes occur, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The doctor conducting the examination of the patient examines and feels the penis and lymph nodes. To accurately determine the diagnosis, a tumor biopsy is performed – taking a small piece of tissue, for subsequent examination under a microscope – histological examination.
In the presence of enlarged inguinal lymph nodes, tissue is also taken from them (biopsy) to perform a histological examination. A biopsy from the inguinal lymph nodes can be performed either with a thin needle under local anesthesia, or by surgery.

For the treatment of penile cancer, surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used. Radiation therapy is used for small tumors. 
With the superficial spread of penile cancer, it is possible to perform organ-preserving operations or excision with a laser. With a significant spread of the tumor, organ-carrying operations are used in combination with chemotherapy and/or without radiation therapy.

The urological department of the Loginov Moscow State Medical Center currently has sufficient experience in the treatment of this disease. The treatment demonstrates good oncological and functional results.

Do not delay your visit to the specialists of our center. This will help to diagnose the disease in a timely manner and choose the right treatment tactics. Doctors of the Department of Urology of the Moscow State Medical Center named after A. S. Loginov are always ready to help you.

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