Breast galactocele

A breast galactocele is a breast cyst with milk-like contents.

Risk factors
It can be difficult to determine the exact causes of galactocele development. More often, this condition is observed in young women during breastfeeding, which is associated with the phenomena of lactostasis - stagnation of milk in the ductal system of the breast. This can be caused by hyperproduction of milk, violation of the regime and technique of breastfeeding, as well as innate features of the structure of the ductal system of the breast.

Often, with small cyst sizes, the disease is asymptomatic and is an accidental finding during preventive medical examinations.

Sometimes galactocele may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • the appearance and increase in volume, especially before the beginning of the menstrual cycle, of a painless formation of the breast (the pathological process can be either single or multiple; it can develop both in one breast and in two at the same time)
  • the development of galactocele during breastfeeding can be suspected if the child suddenly begins to experience difficulties when sucking from the damaged breast during feeding

List of necessary examinations

  • consultation with an oncologist-mammologist, including discussion of disturbing symptoms, examination of the mammary glands
  • digital mammography (from 39-40 years old). With a radiologically dense background, a mammologist may recommend breast tomosynthesis
  • ultrasound examination of the mammary glands (ultrasound)
  • in case of detection of cysts that concern the patient according to the examination data, it is possible to perform a puncture fine-needle aspiration biopsy (PTAB) under ultrasound control with subsequent cytological examination of the aspirate, regardless of the size of the detected formation

The above-mentioned methods of examination do not require special training.

* conservative treatment is selected individually in each specific case
* PTAB under ultrasound control is a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure (evacuation of cyst contents)
• the question of the need for surgical treatment is decided at an appointment with a mammologist on an individual basis, taking into account the data obtained as a result of a comprehensive examination

The prognosis for uncomplicated breast galactocele is favorable. The presence of breast galactocele does not significantly increase the risk of developing breast cancer in the future.

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