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Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma (BA) is a disease manifested by wheezing, shortness of breath, attacks of suffocation, cough, obstructive changes in the respiratory tract, as a result of chronic inflammation as a result of exposure to various factors.

The following patients are at risk of developing bronchial asthma:Patients with allergic diseases or predisposition to allergies (presence of allergic diseases in close relatives)

  • Obese patients
  • Patients working at enterprises with harmful inhalation effects
  • Smokers

You can suspect the disease if the following symptoms occur:

  • whistling wheezes;
  • shortness of breath;
  • feeling of congestion in the chest;
  • cough, attacks of shortness of breath, often occurring at night or early in the morning.

Symptoms may appear after viral infections, during exercise, or in contact with allergens.

If one or more of these signs are detected, it is recommended to consult a doctor. The specialist will assess the situation and appoint a follow-up examination. To diagnose bronchial asthma, laboratory tests are carried out: a general blood test to determine the level of eosinophils, a biochemical blood test, determination of total immunoglobulin E in the blood; as well as instrumental studies: examination of the function of external respiration (spirometry with bronchodilation test, peak flowmetry, according to indications – multispiral computed tomography.

Treatment of asthma is variable, the amount of therapy depends on the severity of symptoms and the impact of risk factors. With timely diagnosis and properly selected therapy, a stable remission can be achieved.

Prevention of the disease is the absence of contact with allergens, smoking cessation, treatment of chronic infections.

In the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov, the treatment and diagnosis of bronchial asthma is carried out by pulmonologists in accordance with modern standards.

Do not delay your visit to the specialists of our Center. This will help to diagnose the disease in a timely manner and choose the right treatment tactics. Doctors of GBUZ MCSC named after A.S. Loginov DZM are always ready to help you.

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