Nasal congestion

Nasal congestion occurs due to inflammation of the mucous membrane, as a result of which the tissues swell, the passages narrow, and there is difficulty breathing.

The cause of the inflammation may be a cold, a viral infection, or an allergy. If the violation of nasal breathing is disturbed for a long time, then we can assume its connection with the curvature of the nasal septum, hypertrophic rhinitis, adenoids, polypous sinusitis.

In this case, you will not be able to help yourself on your own, you must definitely contact an otorhinolaryngologist.

For many years, functional minimally invasive endoscopic and laser surgery has been successfully used to eliminate this pathology.  

The main activity of the otorhinolaryngological service of the MCSC is to provide effective outpatient and surgical care to specialized patients with nasal breathing disorders, snoring, chronic sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis and pharyngitis.

The use of modern equipment that meets the highest European standards of quality and safety allows you to perform operations under local conductor anesthesia, and if the patient wishes, it is possible to use general anesthesia.

Modern endoscopic equipment and CO-lasers make it possible to perform operations of any complexity with the least injury to the tissues.

In the postoperative period, you will have a quick recovery and a steady effect.

We perform the following types of surgical interventions:

1. Laser septoplasty for nasal septum curvature.

2. Laser correction of nasal conchae (treatment of rhinitis with a laser, including those caused by addiction to vasoconstrictive drops in the nose).

3. Evaporation and ablation of the palatine tonsils for chronic tonsillitis.

4. Laser removal of polyps from the nasal cavity.

5. Endoscopic laser removal of polyps and cysts from the paranasal sinus cavity.

6. Dissection of synechiae, scars and adhesions of the nasal cavity.

7. Laser uvuloplasty and uvulopalyatoplasty for snoring.

8. Partial laser endoscopic conchotomy.

9. Laser destruction of the vessels (Kisselbach) of the nasal septum in case of frequent nosebleeds.

10. Plastic surgery of the nasal valve with a laser.

11. Laser resection of the bullous middle nasal concha.

12. Endoscopic laser adenoidectomy.

13. Laser dissection of hematomas, boils, abscesses, cysts and atheromas.

14. Non-functional methods of acute sinusitis, frontitis, sphenoiditis, etmoiditis.

15. Reposition of the nasal bones.

16. Installation of a micro-shunt of the tympanic membrane in serous and purulent otitis media.

17. Laser removal of benign tumors.

Prolonged difficulty nasal breathing should be a reason for immediate medical attention. Our specialists will conduct a thorough and painless examination of the damaged area and prescribe a quick and effective comprehensive treatment.

To clarify the possibilities of treatment and make an appointment with a specialist, call 8 495 304-30-39, 8 495 304-30-40 or use the feedback form.

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