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Respiratory failure

Problems with the respiratory system can be experienced not only by patients with various lung diseases, but also after surgery.

Despite the fact that currently the development of medicine is taking place at a colossal pace, the equipment in operating rooms and intensive care units is becoming even more high-tech, the topic of respiratory failure is still relevant. Problems with the respiratory system can be affected not only by patients who already have any disorders of the lungs, but also most of those who are on hospital treatment. There are factors that determine the development of respiratory failure in such patients:

  • forced bed rest

  • the area and degree of trauma of the operation

  • existing health problems.

  • That is why effective prevention, timely diagnosis and rational therapy of respiratory disorders are of great importance in the practice of an anesthesiologist-resuscitator. To do this, our specialists activate the patient as early as possible in the postoperative period with the simultaneous implementation of various measures. This is the use of various breathing simulators and physical therapy methods aimed at the early recovery of the initial state. And in the case of developed respiratory failure, our center uses a wide range of therapeutic techniques in the field of prosthetic breathing, both partial and complete.

    Our intensive care unit is equipped with expert-class artificial lung ventilation devices, which make it possible to conduct the most safe and comfortable hardware breathing. Our doctors select the parameters and adjust the ventilation mode individually for each patient, depending on their characteristics and the type of respiratory disorder. Extensive respiratory monitoring capabilities allow you to make timely adjustments to the treatment process and speed up recovery.

    The gradual reduction of the hardware contribution, followed by complete weaning from artificial ventilation and rehabilitation of self-breathing , is the basis of our treatment process. Deep knowledge of specialists of the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov in the field of respiratory therapy contributes to the rapid recovery of lost respiratory function in our patients.

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