Curvature of the nasal septum

Minimally invasive laser surgery has proven itself in the treatment of acquired nasal defects. Our specialists are ready to offer you the following services::

Laser septoplasty-correction of the curved nasal septum, with the preservation of the bone-cartilage skeleton. It is indicated for patients who complain of shortness of breath and persistent nasal congestion on one side.

  • Reposition of the nasal bone fracture - restoration of the displaced (broken) bone to its normal position. Since the patency of the nasal passages is important in the process of respiratory activity, it is important to correct the defect as soon as possible to avoid serious complications, otherwise there is a high probability of damage to the tissues of the respiratory tract, impaired nutrition of tissues and internal organs, and the development of the inflammatory process.

  • Laser christotomy-correction of the nasal septum by partial removal of bone tissue. Seeking medical help is recommended in cases of severe external deficiency, as well as in cases of frequent colds, shortness of breath and nosebleeds caused by the presence of a defect.

Advantages of minimally invasive laser surgery in the MCSC

  • minimum of contraindications;

  • much less traumatic compared to the classic cavity surgery;

  • the operation takes place in a day hospital;

  • short rehabilitation period;

  • minimal interference with healthy tissue;

  • improving local immunity;

  • asepsis;

  • no side effects;

  • almost completely bloodless;

  • a minimum of pain during operations and during rehabilitation.

When should I urgently contact an otolaryngologist:

swelling of the nasal tissues,

  • severe nosebleed,

  • changing the shape of the nose

  • respiratory distress.

  • dryness in the nasal cavity

  • common runny nose

  • nasal discharge

Any of the above signs should be a reason for immediate medical attention. Our specialists will conduct a thorough and painless examination of the damaged area and prescribe a quick and effective comprehensive treatment.


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