Colon cancer with distant metastases

Effective treatment of patients with distant metastases of colon cancer is possible only in large medical centers that combine advanced diagnostic equipment and a multidisciplinary group of doctors of different specialties.
The MCSC has created unique opportunities for the treatment of patients with metastatic colon cancer. Our center has the best diagnostic equipment in the world, as well as a multidisciplinary team of specialists dealing with the problems of metastatic colorectal cancer. Doctors of the MCSC are the authors of advanced methods for the treatment of patients with metastatic colon cancer. 
Our multidisciplinary team consists of oncologists, radiologists, specialists in radiation diagnostics, pathologists, hepatologists, oncourologists, oncogynecologists, oncocoloproctologists. 
With one request, you have a unique opportunity to get an opinion on the most effective treatment tactics for you at the same time from all the doctors of the multidisciplinary group. 
Just because a person can't be cured doesn't mean they can't be helped.

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