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Fibroscanning (elastometry) of the liver

Liver fibroelastometry is a modern non-invasive (non-surgical) method that allows you to evaluate:


  •  the stage of fibrosis, how far the disease has progressed
  •  the effectiveness of therapy, including antiviral therapy.


Fibroscanning (elastometry) is successfully used all over the world by advanced scientific institutions, and has been conducted at the Central Research Institute of Gastroenterology since 2007.

The assessment of the stage of liver fibrosis is carried out by comparing the elasticity of the liver in the cRa and the degree of fibrosis according to the international Metavir scale on the basis of specially developed tables.

Indications for the study:


 - confirmation of the diagnosis:



  •  chronic hepatitis: viral hepatitis B (reference to Hepatitis B), viral hepatitis C (reference to Hepatitis C)
  •  cirrhosis of the liver (reference to Cirrhosis of the liver)
  •  non-viral chronic inflammatory diseases of the liver - fatty hepatosis, alcoholic steatohepatitis with the inability to perform a biopsy


 - anyone who is scheduled for antiviral therapy (to assess the degree of fibrosis, to assess the effectiveness of antiviral therapy and the degree of liver damage)

 - monitoring of the degree of liver fibrosis in patients with viral liver pathology who are on antiviral therapy and after the end of therapy to control the quality of treatment.

Fiber scanning method:


  • safe, non-traumatic
  • it is carried out without preliminary examination and preparation
  • does not require hospitalization
  • allows the diagnosis of cirrhosis and fibrosis in the early stages
  • the patient receives the result immediately after the consultation.


Important! The liver fibroscan procedure can be performed dynamically (repeated to the patient repeatedly), which is very important for dispensary monitoring and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment.


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