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Liver cancer as an accidental finding. MCSC patient history

Patient K., 72 years old, applied to the Department of pathology of the pancreas and biliary tract of the MCSC. 
In 2010, he was diagnosed with cystic formation of the pancreas. 
Since that time, the patient has been examined annually to assess the size of the formation. 
In 2021, after undergoing a planned ultrasound at the MCSC, specialists found signs of liver formation in the patient with dimensions of 25x23 mm. 
* At the same time, cystic formation in the pancreas did not increase in comparison with the data of the previous survey.
For a more detailed assessment of the liver condition, the patient also underwent computed tomography of the abdominal cavity with intravenous contrast and MRI with contrast.
* CT results showed the presence of focal formation of the right lobe of the liver. 
And the magnetic resonance imaging data spoke in favor of liver cancer.   
After that, our doctors held a multidisciplinary consultation, which was attended by leading surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists and anesthesiologists of the Center. 
* It was decided that surgical treatment was necessary: atypical resection of the 8th segment of the liver.
The patient was operated by specialists of the Department of hepatopancreatobiliary surgery. 
* The postoperative period went smoothly, and the patient was discharged on the 6th day.
* He feels good now and is recovering quickly.
After receiving the results of the histological examination, an oncological consultation was conducted. 
Doctors recommended constant outpatient monitoring, regular instrumental studies and monitoring of blood tests. 
All patients suffering from pancreatic diseases need dynamic monitoring.
* They regularly need to undergo laboratory and instrumental studies.  
In this case, the patient was annually examined at the MCSC.
This made it possible to identify a liver tumor in time and conduct surgical treatment. 
The Department of pathology of the pancreas and biliary tract of the MCSC named after A. S. Loginov specializes in the examination and treatment of patients with various diseases of the pancreatobiliary zone.
Specialists work closely with colleagues from other departments, which improves the quality of diagnosis and treatment.
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